Book Herbie D and The Dangermen for your next House Concert!
What is a House Concert? We're guessing you've probably had many social gatherings at your house with your close friends and neighbors. It may have been a pot luck dinner or just some drinks and appetizers. Now imagine having the same event in your home with the added experience of Herbie D and The Dangermen in your living room. No amps, no effects; just pure, acoustic, blues music.

A “house concert” is different from a “house party with a band” because the musicians are the focus of the event - just like an actual concert - not background music. You will turn your living room into a nice, comfortable place for your guests to sit and enjoy the show. It’s also a chance to meet the band, have a one on one conversation with us during the break, and enjoy an affordable live music experience in the comfort your home with all your friends.

House Concerts are not public events. They are by invitation only, private event in your home. House concerts are officially free although voluntary donations (suggested $15 to $20 per person) are accepted and go 100% to the band. We also have all our merchandise available for sale and all smiles, laughter, handshakes and hugs are FREE!

Watch the videos on this page from for a great explanation of house concerts and from us to get a feel what we will sound like in your living room.
How does it work?

2-3 months in advance:
Step 1: Get on our schedule. Take a quick moment to look through our schedule and see when we are in your area. You can also send us an email, through our contact form below, and tell us your city or town and the date you are interested in having a House Concert. Please keep in mind we usually book 2-3 months in advance.

2-4 weeks in advance:
Step 2: Invite your friends. Mail invites, send emails, post on FaceBook, Tweet or whatever you need to do to let your friends and neighbors know about your event. Be specific that this is a “House Concert” so they know what to expect. Send them a link to our website (, so they can get familiar with our band and our music.

Day of the event:
Step 3: Prepare your living room. You may need to move some furniture around and bring all available chairs into your living room. We usually perform two, 1 hour sets with a 30 minute break in between, so you want everyone to be comfortable with a place to sit.

Step 4: Social time with your guest. Have everyone arrive about 90 minutes before the scheduled performance so everyone has time to eat, drink and socialize with your guests. The band will generally arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled performance time, quickly set up our instruments and be ready to perform.

Step 5: Take a seat and enjoy the show. At the announced time, have everyone fill up their glass and take a seat in the living room. Herbie D and The Dangermen will perform two entertaining, lively, 1 hour sets of our music, tell you backstories about our songs and engage everyone in a unique, live performance experience. During the break and after the 2nd set we will socialize with your guests, offer our merchandise for purchase and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

Step 6: Take care of the business side. The host provides us with the donations collected from your guests and we schedule our band for your next house concert with you :)
House Concerts... In Your Home